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What we can do

From Caruso to Cliff, music hall to rock and roll

For your event, we can provide music played from only original 78rpm gramophone records, played on wind-up gramophones.

  • Choice of gramophones.- Whilst not all machines are suitable for public performance, we have a wide range of machines available from our collection, covering dates from 1907 upto the 1950s. All our gramophones are entirely mechanical and require no external power. We can set-up anywhere inside or outdoors without needing an electric supply.
  • Phonographs playing cylinders may also be available to take you back to the 1890s, but with a limited playlist.
  • Amplification.- In rare circumstances it may be necessary to assist the gramophone volume with discrete battery powered amplification. Our choice of battery power compliments the clockwork power of the gramophone, allowing set-ups away from mains power. To keep in period style our speakers are converted 1920s radio horn speakers
  • Choice of records.- We have an eclectic mix of approximately 4000 78rpm discs from which to pick a selection for your event. With your help we can create a custom mix of records to play. These records can be specific styles of music or from particular years. Special request records can be sourced if needed.
  • The pairing of machines and records by date can allow for historically renditions, such as first world war records played on gramophones of the date. You hear the records exactly as they would of been originally heard.
  • As avid collectors and enthusiasts of all things old, we are also able to supply additional props and set dressings. Such as typewriters, radios, bicycles, clothing and ephemera.
  • We are always happy to "muck-in" where we can to help any event.

Andrew James Wilkinson
Basingstoke, Hampshire